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The Past

Welcome to Biere Farms

Bieri Farms was established as an agriculture enterprise in 1946. It continues today as a family business in the production of rice, milo, soybeans and cattle.

At Bieri farms we don’t worry about fancy pedigrees or show ring champions. What we do worry about is longevity. Our ranch has been producing great cattle for the past 60 years, and we look forward to many years to come

If you need replacement females for either a purebred or commercial operation take time to visit Bieri Farms. You will like our red cattle and our bottom line approach to the cattle business.


In the early 1950’s Santa Gertrudis became part of the cow herd with females from the East Ranch. Bieri Farms has been a member of SGBI for more than fifty years and now maintains the twenty-fifth oldest membership with SGBI Herd 474.

Along the Texas Costal Bend at an elevation of fifteen feet with high humidity and parasites this is not a good cow country. The breeding program at Bieri Farms concentrates on producing cattle that will survive and thrive on low quality forage with minimal supplements. This has been accomplished by having our herd closed to outside females for more than thirty years and using herd sires from similar environments. Our replacement females have bred-in toughness that can go anywhere and do well.

Buying our cattle is an investment in our program ... a program of productive red cattle.

The Present
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